High Performance

This is a new modality available in LisboaCounselling. It was designed for clients who want more than just solve their problems; for people who aim to seek excellence, by developing new skills in specific areas they want to improve and by identifying their inner resources and putting them to use.

Target Group

Masters', MBA and PhD students




Highly inteligent people


Ambitious people setting higher goals for themselves



  • leadership
  • interpersonal relationships
  • performance
  • emotion management and intervention in crisis situations
  • personal resources management: time, priorities, relationships, health and welfare, etc
  • mentoring and supervision

New Skills

  • positive communication skills
  • skills to cope and deal with difficult people
  • mindfulness skills — how to use these tools in a practical, intentional and useful way
  • skills of analysis, planning and implementation of strategies to solve problems or overcome difficult situations
  • timing skills — when, how and in what sequence to move forward in each stage of the strategy
  • decision-making skills
  • resilience — the ability to turn the obstacles into challenges and to learn how to benefit from them

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We exist to help our clients change their lives, through a skillset training, a mind reprogramming. Using an active, dynamic and short duration approach, we help our clients solving their personal and interpersonal problems, in a positive, realistic and sustainable way.

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