Each case is unique, each problem has to be addressed in a specific and custom way for each individual. Here are some words from our clients.


“I am a teacher who moved from an English speaking country. Teaching is a stressful thing, and to add to it learning Portuguese and teaching in Portuguese was even more stressful. I started meeting with Mena with physical issues I was having that were stress and anxiety related. She was able to help me with this situation and deal with relieving my stress. I am very thankful for the help she was able to give me in a very practical way.”




“What brought me to Lisbon Counselling was my encounter with Anxiety. Filomena helped me understand Anxiety, and gave me crucial tools to deal with it by understanding my personal triggers and reactions to it. Now, I know how to prevent it on my own, allowing me to control its appearance, rather than being controlled by it. Anxiety is no longer a problem in my life.”

Laura, 22 years old



“When I finished my master’s degree I started to feel completely lost. I couldn’t decide what to do next. A gap year travelling around the world? Keep studying? Start to work? There were too many options and I was getting very anxious.

Mena helped me to find peace in my soul and to start designing my new path.”

Nicole, 24 years old


Panic Attacks

“I had a terrible panic attack when I was in Portugal, on holidays. A friend took me to LisboaCounselling. In a few months with online sessions, many things changed. I’m not worried full time or always expecting the worst possible cenario. I learned ethical assertiveness, which helped me to change toxic relationships I had with my family. And the panic attacks ended completely.”

Ingrid, writer, 25 years old

Useless Thoughts

“How can I explain…?? Wow, I thought it was easier! However I am sure about one thing, I will just give you a brief explanation about how I was feeling during that year for a simple a reason, because if I go deeper it would be against any strategy taught by Filomena. As she always told me: you rather focus on finding a solution then giving importance to the problem itself.
At the beginning I was not understanding very well this principle but after a couple of months, it was making sense in every aspect. In my case, what was affecting me
were my negative thoughts creating on my body a high level of anxiety. I was getting more and more worried about the fact of not understanding the reasons of such thoughts, and at a certain point I had to open myself. It was the best decision I ever made and if I can give one advise it this one: be brave and share your feelings with someone because if you keep it to you and try to win the battle alone it could be worse.
I finally had the chance to meet Filomena, and she made me understand very quickly with daily tasks and different strategies the path to stop focusing on those feelings. After a couple of weeks I was able to replace these unreal imaginations by positive and motivation ideas. Since, my first sessions with her, I learnt how to enjoy the present moment and make every single experience a special moment. She made me also realize that you should never associate your thoughts with the person you really are. In fact, your brain it’s machine specialist in creating each day millions of thoughts, but it doesn’t mean it has a correlation with your human being.
I hope you understand my point of view, and if you have the opportunity to meet Filomena, I will deeply recommend you because she will change your life has she did with mine. :)”

Ricardo, 22 years old, student



“In LisboaCounselling I learned to get out of hypocondria. And I’m healthier now even without seeking the doctor almost every week.”

Gunther, engineer, 46 years old



“For many years, I lived crushed by my trauma. With Mena, I learned to forgive what I thougth was unforgivable. I felt a huge weight leave my shoulders. I still remember, but now I’m able to choose not to think about it. And I stopped believing I’m somehow “crippled”. Now I can live as a normal human being.”

Andressa, 33 years old



“I contacted LisboaCounselling to get some help to be more efficient, when I was almost completing my PhD, in NYC.
It took me a few weeks to be able to slow down (and sometimes I still struggle with it). It’s amazing how, when I slow down, I’m more specific and focused in what I want, more efficient and my communication is so much better (I used to talk so fast most people had difficulty in following me).
Focused slow down gave me the efficiency I wanted with far less cost than my old high speed self.
After a few months training new skills, seeking excellence, I got so much more than I intended at first.”

Marga, 31 years old

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We exist to help our clients change their lives, through a skillset training, a mind reprogramming. Using an active, dynamic and short duration approach, we help our clients solving their personal and interpersonal problems, in a positive, realistic and sustainable way.
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