Bitter or better?

Some people not only show incredible resilience but actually thrive through their traumas. In fact, adversity can either make you bitter, or foster your growth, making you wiser, stronger, more resilient and more willing to help others.

Some people seem to achieve this growth naturally. They find the strength and motivation, even though usually they’re not aware of it during the crisis.

Others believe they “have to” because someone else is depending on them. And so they thrive.

However, this ability to be well in spite of what you’ve been going through, can be developed.

Meaning and purpose

In some ways suffering ceases to be suffering at the moment it finds a meaning.

—Viktor Frankl, Man’s Search for Meaning

Ruth focused in playing a song in her mind while going through repeated bullying. A sense that “I can keep walking”, gave her the strength to endure. She found a purpose – to keep her mind sane and to come to break free.

Meaning and purpose can help you thrive during the hardest times. Your negative experiences can promote in you a greater appreciation for life, more gratitude, a newfound sense of personal strength and a new focus on helping others.

Outside in

Our approach to working with trauma is “outside in”. We don’t analyze the details or memories until our client is strong enough to deal with it safely.

In fact, we start building what you want instead of the trauma, how your life would be without it.

We help to develop wellbeing, to find peace of mind, to manage your negative thoughts, increase inner strength, produce more positive hormones. We help you to find meaning and purpose.

In this process, most aspects of the trauma will loose their power over you.

When our client is able to deal with thoughts and emotions, to regain wellbeing and will not be crushed by the memories, we address the traumatic issues that still need to.

📥 If you’re struggling with painful issues or memories and would like to overcome it in a positive way, contact us.