The Impact Of Change
Change is a natural part of our life. But the pandemic forced people to bigger and often more dramatic changes – in relationships, in the family; loss and grief; deep changes in work causing some people to have to leave their homes or even their countries, seeing themselves forced to adapt to a new culture, a new life.

Right now it seems we are all the time trying to adapt. This causes a lot of stress and insecurity. It means leaving your comfort zone and stepping into the unknown. Being forced to make decisions that might also impact others. Being forced to keep walking without knowing which steps are better, or safer.

Planning To Thrive
In order to do more than just to “survive”, you need to plan and take action. You can try some of these strategies to cope with change.

• Evaluate Your Level Of Control. Try to rationalize and understand what you can do and what you can’t.

• Try To Keep Some Routines. Structure and routine will reduce mental strain.

• Check Your Thought Patterns. A negative mindset leads your body to produce higher levels of cortisol, reducing your wellbeing and your ability to cope. Try to focus more in the positive.

• Try To Develop New Skills that will help you achieve your new goals.

• Take Time For Yourself Every Day. Even if just for some minutes, take a time to slow down, relax a bit and regain your energy.

• Seek Help. It can increase a lot your wellbeing and ability to thrive.

How Can We Help You?
Counselling can help you not just to survive it, but to thrive on your changes; to be able to be well and even to benefit from it. Some of the areas we can help you with are:

• Resilience – the ability to be well in spite of the issues you’re facing; to foster self-growth
• Neuroplasticity – getting your mind more focused and your brain more efficient
• Emotions and mind management – tools to better manage your emotions and thought patterns
• Specific skills to deal with your situation, needs and goals
• Planning and decision making skills that will help you achieve your goals without feeling so overwhelmed

If you’d like to know how we can help you deal with the changes you’re facing, contact us. In an empathic and confidential setting we’ll help you understand the specific areas where we can help you.